We can offer a wide range of types of railway axles.

We supply a wide range of types of railway axles – axles for freight and passenger wagons, locomotive axles and also axles for historic cars. We deliver railway axles either according to our own drawing documentation or the customer’s documentation. We can deliver axles in any quantity depending on the customer’s current projects.

To ensure stable production, we only use renowned forging suppliers who have TSI, ČD or DB certificates.

We guarantee the highest quality with the established ISO 9001 quality management system and successful certifications of professional competence according to the European TSI standard.


Types of axles: for wagons (truck, passenger), for traction cars (EMU, DMU), for locomotives, trams

Design of axles: double-seat, multi-seat (with seats for brake discs and gearboxes), flanged, threaded, hollow axles

Dimensions: axle length from 1,400 to 2,600 mm, seat width from 100 mm to 280 mm

Materials: EA1N, EA4T, OS L, 11558, 15230, AISI 5150 and others

Standards: EN 13261, AAR M-101

Preservation: oil (Safe Coat), wax (Tectyl), primer or multi-layer coating

Packaging: on wooden pallets, packed in Mirelon-type foam film and in Lamiflex lamellar packaging material or similar