The company 4MADE s.r.o. is a renowned supplier of railway wheelsets.

Our offer includes a wide range of wheelsets designed for passenger and freight wagons. We deliver wheelsets according to our own drawing documentation or manufacture them based on the customer’s requirements and drawings.

The company 4MADE s.r.o. places great emphasis on the quality and safety of its products. The rail wheelsets offered meet the strict requirements and certifications in the field of the railway industry, which ensures the reliability and efficiency of our products.

We are ready to work with our customers and provide them with a design solution for their rail transport needs. We believe that our railway wheelset will be the right choice for your projects in the railway industry.


Types according to use: for passenger and freight wagons (we are holder of TSI certificate for BA303 wheelset)

Design: naked wheelsets, wheelsets with bearing system, wheelsets with brake discs

Dimensions: standard or wide gauge, wheel diameter from 700 to 1250 mm

Materials: ER7, ER8, ER9, res. EA1N, EA4T, or others according to the customer’s wishes

Standard: EN 13260

Conservation: primer or multi-layer coating according to VPI

Packaging: on wooden bars, secured against shifting